Είναι ένα είδος διαδραστικής δραστηριότητας κατά την οποία οι μαθητές δημιουργούν ως ζευγάρια ή ομάδες, και κατόπιν εκθέτουν και σχολιάζουν τα έργα τους.

Εξαιρετική άσκηση για πολλαπλές χρήσεις και σκοπούς.

Οι 12χρονοι μαθητές μας δημιούργησαν και μας άφησαν άφωνες.

What is a Gallery Walk?

A “Gallery Walk” is an activity that allows participants/students to discuss and display their final work around a room much like artists who would display their artistic pieces in an “exhibit.” It is a way that participants/students can share their group work projects or individual literary responses to a text in a non-threatening way with the assurance of getting some feedback from their learning community.”

I did this today with a B1 Level group of 12-year-olds as a pre-reading activity. The purpose of this activity was to activate their background knowledge of the new topic before reading the text.