Professionals in Language & Education – PROFILE is a team of trainers/ language consultants who specialise in teacher education for language professionals and schools and professional communication and language development skills in English. PROFILE is an approved University of Cambridge centre for international teaching awards such as DELTA and ICELT and an associate of KESC, Korinth.

Our communication and language development courses for professionals cater for specific needs within areas such as banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, marketing, management, tourism, oil, insurance, the cement industry, transport, communication.

Most of our courses require an in-depth needs analysis, ongoing appraisal and adaptation of course materials and focus, to ensure the successful development of each participant or group.

Our trained tutors design, evaluate and adapt the course syllabus of each group or individual to meet the long or short-term needs of the participants, within a professional and social framework. They take into account the fact that courses often involve mixed-ability groups with diverse knowledge and varying abilities in different language areas.

Overall course objectives are defined according to the real and changing needs of the client or client organisation.

We have run courses for executives, accountants, HR managers, sales managers and sales representatives, training managers, finance and investment executives, technicians, designers, plant and project managers, security staff, personal assistants, bankers, mechanics, etc

We discuss company and market requirements with the organisation or client and make recommendations before designing courses. Our courses are tailor-made to suit specific requirements in each case.

We decide the initial overall language and communication abilities of each participant through a written test and/or a diagnostic interview. During the interview we also obtain, as much information as possible about the participants’ perceived and actual needs.

Course aims are defined by the needs of the organisation and/or the individuals concerned.

We give top priority to activating participants’ available language and communication resources. We encourage them to participate as fully as possible in discussions, role-plays, case studies, problem solving and to carry out realistic work-related tasks such as telephoning, presenting, negotiating, interviewing. Such activities can be filmed and then analysed/evaluated and used as a basis for further development.

We use authentic materials (from the web, journals and magazines, films etc) the tasks and activities being designed to suit the specific needs of each group and individual participant.

PROFILE also owns a wide range of titles/books specifically written for professional adults by different international publishers, as well as audio and video/DVD material. When necessary these resources are used selectively in order to provide additional material for session work and/or self-access. Occasionally, participants request the use of a coursebook alongside the tailor-made material for reference, remedial work or individual study.

Authentic material e.g. films, broadcasts, discussions etc exposes participants to real language use in context. It raises awareness of important professional cross-cultural factors and communication. Material from news channels or international publications also serves as valuable input on current global developments and provides the basis for discussions and language development while maintaining interest and involvement. Genuine interest in the topic tends to foster interaction and minimize inhibitions. We are well aware of the fact that quite frequently adults feel less than confident when having to attend sessions in an area which they feel should have been dealt with successfully much earlier in their lives, not aware of the fact that they only happen to be members of a substantially large group. Therefore, building up confidence and promoting a sense of achievement is a primary concern in all our courses whether highly specialised or more basic.

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 Long-term development: Group or one-to-one courses at all levels are designed according to the criteria mentioned previously, and in accordance with Council of Europe recommended guidelines. These courses are offered on a part-time basis (usually two 2-hour sessions per week) or as modular course programmes (four 3-hour sessions on a designated week of each month). Arrangements are made according to participant availability and workload, following an agreement with the client company.

Special focus, short courses:

Crash courses: Preparation for meetings, seminars, presentations, conferences

One-to-one courses: Packages of hours can be arranged for individuals who cannot attend group courses, or who need to work in a very specific area.

Immersion courses: Any of these types of course can be run on a highly intensive, six to eight-hour per day basis, over a number of weekdays or weekends.
Special focus conference simulation: These conferences are designed for professionals who have already developed relevant professional communication and language skills. The conferences combine input from other specialists with maximum participant involvement.

Special focus international conferences: These conferences are planned in collaboration with the host organisation. We have successfully cooperated with the Bank of Greece in the following areas: Changes in European banking and finance, Cross-cultural communication, Effective communication and conflict management, Dealing with diversity, Bridging the gap- written communication across cultures, Bridging the gap- spoken communication across cultures

Open courses for adults at PROFILE: These courses are open to individual adults/professionals who are interested in joining tailor-made courses. Groups start with a minimum of 3 participants.

PROFILE Webinars : Click here to join us in our Virtual Classroom